Worship Committee

Who is serving on the Committee?

       Sue Barkley - Ted Martin - Chris Montpetit - Sandy Plimpton, Co-Chair- Don Woods, Co-Chair


What does the Committee do?

The worship Committee, along with the Pastor, ensures that everything worship happens.  They meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month for an hour beginning at

5:00 p.m.  They share sign-ups for greeters, coffee hour hosts, and communion servers, make sure everything is in place for special worship throughout the year as well as oversee the moves to different worship spaces throughout the year.  It is a busy committee but very efficient.


The Regular Worship service:

The congregation worships at 10:00 each Sunday morning.  Worship is followed by at time of togetherness over coffee and treats in fellowship hall or occasionally in Ruth’s Room. 

In the hottest months of Summer, July and August, the congregation has sometimes moved to the Gazebo and lawn behind the church for worship.  Here we can be cooled by the shaded breeze or warmed by the sun depending upon where one chooses to sit.  In recent years we have added a short Sunday Early service for the July and August generally outside at 8:30 a.m.

In the coldest months of winter we worship in the warmth of Fellowship Hall.  From the Sunday after Epiphany (January 6th) through the week before Palm Sunday we gather close and some even sit on the “comfy” couches as we worship and listen together for God’s word.  Fellowship Hall is not only warm in temperature but also warm in that we come closer to one another, sharing in the presence of the Holy Spirit in a whole new way. 

Hug/Prayer bears are often pasted around the congregation for those who are in special crisis.  Each congregation member hugs and prays with the bear (or other stuffed animal) specifically for the individual it is requested for (some even Reiki them).  The cuddly critter is then mailed or taken to the person it is intended for – taking with it all the hugs and prayers.  The people of the church request bears for friends, family and community members as well as church members.   

The Sacraments:

“The early Church, following Jesus, took three primary material elements of life - water, bread, and wine - to become basic symbols of offering life to God as Jesus had offered his life.  being washed with the water of Baptism Christians received new life in Christ and presented their bodies to be living sacrifices to God.  Eating bread and drinking wine they received the sustaining presence of Christ, remembered God’s covenant promise, and pledged their obedience anew.  

The Reformed tradition understands Baptism and the Lord’s Supper to be Sacraments, instituted by God and commended by Christ.  Sacraments are signs of the real presence and power of Christ in the Church, symbols of God’s action.  Through the Sacraments, God seals believers in redemption, renews their identity as the people of God, and marks them for service.”  W-1.3033


Communion is to be served as often as the Session deems appropriate but not less than 4 times per year and at services of open worship.  At Ogdensburg First Presbyterian, Communion is traditionally served the first Sunday of every month and on Maundy Thursday.  All are welcome at the Lord’s table.  


Presbyterian’s believe that baptism can happen at any age.    “Baptism is the sign and seal of incorporation into Christ Jesus.”   W-2.3001.  Parents desiring to have their children or babies baptized, or others wanting to be baptized should call the church office and set up a meeting with the Pastor to both discuss and schedule the sacrament. -  For a good article on Baptism go to:   http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/today/baptism/