Every Member Commitment Committee

Every Member Commitment Committee

Who is serving on the Committee?

2017                            2018                            2019

Sally Clark                  Becky Duprey             Donna Maloney

Linda Krol                  Karla Trimm                Vicki Jennings

Connie Martin                         Carol Womelsdorf                  (open)


What does the Committee do?

At this point in time this committee is simply in charge of the annual pledge drive each fall.  They choose the annual pledge theme, write the “invitation to pledge” letter to the congregation, and send it along with a pledge card to members, arrange for 4 weekly speakers to share on the theme during morning worship, and then send follow-up letters to any whom the treasure reports not hearing from after Pledge Dedication Sunday.     This Committee of twelve is elected on rotation at the annual meeting and members rotate off after a three year term, this is done to help prevent burn out.