Palm Sunday thur Easter 2018

Holy Week Services and Activities

March 25th at 10:00 a.m. - Palm Sunday Service in Sanctuary

  • Movie and Egg coloring after worship

March 29th at 5:30 - Maundy Thursday in Fellowship Hall

April 1st at 6:40 - Easter Sunday Sunrise Service and Breakfast, Claxton addition

  • Easter Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary at 10:00
  • Easter Egg Hunt after Coffee Hour


March 25th - Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate the Triumphal Entry.  After a long winter we will move Worship back to the Sanctuary at 10:00.  The                         service begins with a parade as the children bringing in the palms.   As always there is coffee available in the back of the sanctuary.

                    After worship there is a movie and egg coloring for children of all ages 0-110.  

March 29th - On Maundy Thursday at 5:30 our service and supper will move us from the Upper Room at the Last Supper thru Betrayal of Good Friday.                       Come and gather at the Lord’s table in Fellowship Hall for the Last Supper including a “dish to pass” meal together and then transition to                       the Good Friday liturgy ending in darkness and silence.

April 1st -  Easter Sunday Sunrise Service in the Claxton addition (located at the back of 311 Franklin St).  At 6:40 we welcome the dawn of a new day                    with the lighting of the morning candle as we begin our celebration of the Day of Resurrection.  This short service is followed by joy filled                      Easter breakfast together. 

                  Easter Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary at 10:00.  Celebrating new life and the love and light of God we come into the sanctuary in stark                        darkness and welcome the light and joy of the Day of Resurrection during the processional hymn as the sanctuary fills with flowers, light                        and joy.

                  Easter Egg Hunt!!!  The annual children’s Easter Egg hunt follows coffee hour.  This is a fantastic time as the kids collect their colored                         eggs filled with candy and prize ticket.  If the weather is good clears most of the snow we will be outside, if not we will be hunting the                             sanctuary for treasured eggs. There are prizes for everyone – come join the fun.  Children under 6th grade will be hunting while we need the                   youth and some adults to do the hiding right after church.