Retreat at Camp Laurent

August 6 - 12, 2018

Mark your calendar for our Congregational Retreat at Camp Laurent!  It is right next to Lisbon Beach on Route 37.

Enjoy fishing, games, sunsets, fires along the St. Lawrence River and swimming at Lisbon Beach.

Plan a family get away on the river - we have the whole place for a week!!!  Camp Laurent has bunk style housing and rooms sleep 8 - 12 for a total of about 50, with bunks and bunk beds.  Stay for a couple of days, come for the days and go home at night or come and stay for the week!

Let the office know if you would like to come over night - we will reserve some space for you!  Sunday the 12th we will be worshiping in the camp's beautiful rustic chapel.

There is a big commercial kitchen and dining hall for meal prep and meals - it will be helpful to know if you are going to be around for meals so we can be sure there is plenty.  Also if you would like to have a turn making the evening meal, please let Rev. Laurena know.  Snacks and cereal will be available always.  Hot dogs and burgers in the freezer for a moments notice and of course, s'more makings.  laughing

We will bring outdoor games can jam, Frisbee, croquet, badminton... and whatever else you all bring; and there is space to run and play.  In the rain we have inside games, coloring, craft activities and books.  We have also asked the camp's board to give us a little wish list of projects we might work on while we are there for those who need a project.

We even have a room set aside for those who quilt; shady lazy afternoons on the porch with the river breeze or fun in the sun; something for everyone.  Hope to see you there!!!!  cool