Personnel Committee

The Personnel committee is a committee that both reviews and supports the paid staff and pastor of the church.  It is made up on one person elected from each church board and one at large member elected annually at the congregational meeting.  The Personnel Committee keeps up to date job descriptions for all positions in the church, hires and oversees the people who hold these positions.   The committee, with the input of the pastor, at its best would review staff twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  The committee should also review the pastor at these times.  The review is meant to help church employees know what they do that is appreciated as well as to let them know any areas for improvement or concern.  The review is also to provide pastor and staff the opportunity to share with the committee their joys and concerns about what is happening in the church, in essence the employees review the church.  Annually, this committee makes salary recommendations to the Session concerning all paid staff in the church including the pastor.

The personnel committee is also responsible for policy dealing with Pastor and Church staff.  Things such as family leave time and sick day policies are formulated within the committee with recommendations to be made to the Session.

Who is serving:  Barb Hebert - Deacon; Doc LaComb - Member at large; Chris Montpetit - FFC; Rhonda Roethel - Trustee; Karla Trimm - Chair & Session Rep.

Nominating Committee

What do they do?

Committee of seven is made up of five members elected annually at the Congregational meeting (along with an alternate) and two members from the Session, one of whom serves at committee chair.  This committee is responsible for nominating new members for all church Boards as well the Every Member Commitment Committee.

      Who is serving:  Marilyn Cota, Barb Hebert, Sandy Plimpton, Dottie Sharlow, Chris Woods

     Alternate:  Nancy Skiff

     Session Co-Chairs:  Haley Baker, Carrie Demers

Every Member Commitment Committee

Who is serving on the Committee?

2018                                2019                               2020

Becky Duprey                Lin Griffin                      Sally Baker

Karla Trimm                   Vicki Jennings               Linda Krol

Carol Womelsdorf         Donna Maloney            Connie Martin


What does the Committee do?

At this point in time this committee is simply in charge of the annual pledge drive each fall.  They choose the annual pledge theme, write the “invitation to pledge” letter to the congregation, and send it along with a pledge card to members, arrange for 4 weekly speakers to share on the theme during morning worship, and then send follow-up letters to any whom the treasure reports not hearing from after Pledge Dedication Sunday.  This Committee of twelve is elected on rotation at the annual meeting and members rotate off after a three year term, this is done to help prevent burn out.



2018 2019 2020
Amy Gusaconi Marilyn Cota Nichole Kennedy
Jason Sovie Megan Montpetit Claire Richardson
(open)  Lisa Young Amanda Wells

To inquire about an open position on the committee please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are the Family Fellowship Committee responsibilities?

The FFC meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 6:00 and essentially over sees all things involving Children of the church. 

Children are very important to the life of our church, from Sunday school and morning worship to gardening and coffee hour, we look forward to their presence and the gifts they bring.

From September through mid June there is Sunday School for all ages following Worship.  There are 4 classes for children ages 3 or 4 and up.  From time to time we have an adult class based on interest and availability of leaders and participants.  Each year during advent the church holds an afternoon meal and the children put on a Christmas pageant.  In the spring there is a Children’s Day celebration with the children and the Family Fellowship Committee is in charge of the service.

We love to hear the children sing from time to time and have to begun a “Choir Chime” program with them before church.

Vacation Bible School is held each year at the end of August.  We invite all the church children and their friends to come and celebrate the year’s chosen theme in music, art, play, story and science.  It is always a fantastic time together as the gathering room is transformed each year into an exciting adventure from the far desert of Africa to depths of the ocean.     


Children in the Church

Children play an important role in the life of the church.  They are not only accepted in the sanctuary during worship but are expected!  We have activity bags, special lectionary based bulletins, coloring pages and puzzles available to help keep Children feeling comfortable and included throughout the service.  There is also a special time in the service for them.  Children light the candles each morning as worship begins and our reading aged children are encouraged to be lay readers.

We consider children to be a blessing, not a hindrance to our worship experience.  We also know that together we take an active role in helping them to learn about the worship space as they join us in celebrating God.